People are advised to look into the preventive measures seriously. As per the request from the district collector the diocese is doing whatever possible to protect her people.

A TASK FORCE headed by directors of different ministries is formed to meet the causalities of pandemic. They are well supported by the public health workers, doctors and various government officials. In case of emergency in the parish area you can also seek their assistance. Each parish is also requested to form a team of volunteers consisting of ten members to address the situation in parish level. They are to be trained in advance with the support of district health team. Rev.Fr Samson (+91 9249775759) shall be approached in arranging training for such team. Fr Xavier Kudiyammsery, PRO (+91 9446544899), Rev.Fr Johnson Puthenvettil (+91 9497220737, Rev.Fr Sebastian Judo Mooppaseril (+91 7012915134) and Mr Emmanuel (+91 9809455938) can be contacted for emergency.

What to do in case of death reports: Considering the specialsituation of Diocese and according to the allowed practice of the Church, the diocese has made a policy of cremation in covid -19 death cases. Parish priests are to report the Curia and contact the TASK FORCE for further guidance, if any needed.