Total death in the Diocese of Alleppey : 103 (as on 11 May, 2021)

The second wave of the Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) has devastated India suddenly. As a whole, the nation has remained complacent to the warnings, vainly hoping that India soon returns to normalcy after the first wave of spread of the virus.
The easing of COVID-19 protocols is chiefly responsible for the present and deadly paralysis of our country. The result today is seen as the flaring contrast between poor reserves of the much needed and home- manufactured vaccine and the swelling number of COVID patients inundating the hospitals.
The Oxygen shortage created yet another panic. With the nightmare of mass burning of dead bodies and an exponential spread of virus causing an average 400,000+ new cases daily and close to 5000 deaths officially reported, and the spreading of virus into villages which use common utilities of drinking water and sanitation, the picture of the nation is grey and desolate. It is a Herculean task to vaccinate more than 900 million people out of 1.3billion within a stipulated time before the present virus mutates.

Worst of all is the projection of a third (return) wave of infection. We are hoping this time the measures will be adequate to contain the spread of the virus and at the same time the amenities will be there for everyone to spend the time in house quarantines.